Boiga Snake

Boiga is a large genus of mildly venomous, rear-fanged, colubrid snakes typically known as the cat-eyed snakes or just cat snakes. They are primarily found throughout southeast Asia, India and Australia, but due to their extremely hardy nature and adaptability have spread to many other suitable habitats around the world. There are 33 recognized species in the genus.

Cat snakes are long-bodied snakes with large heads and large eyes. They vary greatly in pattern and color. Many species have banding, but some are spotted and some are solid colored. Colors are normally black, brown, or green with white or yellow accents.

They are primarily arboreal, nocturnal snakes that prey on various species of lizards, small snakes, birds, and rodents. Their venom toxicity varies from species to species, but is not generally considered to be life threatening to humans. Boiga species are oviparous.